How to Shop

At, we strive to offer beautiful and elegant greeting cards, invitations, and many other types of promotional gifts in a manner which is both expedient and reliable. The whole website is designed so, with just a few minutes, a customer can pick an item, inscribe it, browse through a multitude of preselected quotes for every occasion if lacking inspiration, and even upload an image or logo to be engraved on one of our gifts. The delivery and payment processes are designed to take as little time as possible and to not require any tedious phone calls or email registrations. With just those few minutes, customers can be secure in the knowledge that the exquisite product they picked will reach its destination on time and in style.

Greeting cards

Greeting cards are divided into categories based on occasions, to help customers find the right one as quickly as possible. Once the card is chosen, the ordering process is simple and efficient. The basic steps are outlined as follows:

1. First, customers write their own personal message in the generated field, or choose one of our preselected quotes if they wish. At this stage they can also alter the font, size, and read a short description of the card itself, including dimensions and materials used.

2. Select from a choice of envelopes, with each visible envelope being of a custom size, made exactly for the already selected card.

3. Select a third party recipient and add his details, if there is one. Press order at the bottom of the screen.

4. Follow the easy to use steps for filling out their personal information, delivery and payment details.

Note: Due to the handcrafted and personalized nature of our cards, please call us at +359 2 417 03 57+359 2 417 03 57, or email at for larger orders.

Promotional Gifts

Ordering promotional gifts from is an easy process. Customers have several options available to them:

1. Customers can purchase one of our ready-made promotional gifts, carrying our own logo. After making their selection, the ordering and payment process is straightforward. Customers need only fill out their personal, delivery and payment information.

2. Customers who like our designs but want them to show their own choice of logo or personal message will also be satisfied. They can use our built-in feature for uploading file of the logo or image to be engraved, or use the textbox to write their personal message.  Their selected logo or message will be engraved in place of our own (Corgif) logo, as it is seen in the particular item’s picture. (Note that engraving comes at additional cost.)

3. Customers can also have their very own design made from scratch, for any of the products offered on  Please call us at +359 2 417 03 57+359 2 417 03 57, or email at for more information.