Direct UV printing


Promotional items are an ever-popular way to combine advertising with functionality. Unlike other forms of promotion, you can be sure that people will always have a positive interaction with items carrying your brand, which they will quickly learn to associate with something that is useful and provides them with some sort of utility.


Click on these links to see some selected models of pens and notebooks/ledgers. All prices shown include the item, a print of your choice and VAT. All you need to do is tell us which model you like and send us a file with the print you want, and we’ll do everything else. Orders of larger quantities will receive additional discounts.

If, however, you prefer providing the items yourself, we will be happy to just do the printing.


Direct UV printing is ideal for many different surfaces and objects, including:


-USB drives


-Wooden wine and tea boxes


-Access cards

Whether you want standard promotional items or something more unique, we will be happy to be of service. 


We also offer direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, which adds t-shirts, tote bags and all other textile items to the list of promotional materials we can offer. Like with our direct UV printing, we can offer the items themselves or print on ones provided by you. Below you can see print prices for several preselected sizes, but due to the nature of DTG printing, it is always best to send us a file and receive a direct quote, because prints of similar size can vary in price depending on how much area is filled in by the image.

Prints on darker colored textiles require adding a white base to all images, which increases the price. This can be seen in the second table.

DTG printing pricesDTG printing dark fabric prices