Our main goal is to offer the types of greeting cards, invitations and promotional gifts that our clients will enjoy. Corgif-card.com is not a mass producer and every item it creates is meant for a specific customer. It is our ambition that everything carrying the Corgif-card logo will be as aesthetically pleasing as possible and that anyone choosing one of our products will be left satisfied and with a smile on his or her face. And, if our products manage to charm our customers, we are sure they will have the same effect on those our customers give them to. We offer beauty and the happiness which stems from it!

For us, the quality of what we offer stands most imporant. This is why every single product is designed meticulously, put together by hand and thus resemble actual works of art.

We are uncompromising when it comes to perfect service for each of our clients, who need only to make their selection and leave the rest to us.

It is our hope that the selection of one of our products will offer our customers at least as much joy as we have experience creating it.